About Us

BazGalvaniz Ltd Şti was established in Kemalpaşa İzmir in June 2010 to produce galvanized products by putting into operation 2 zinc kettles of sizes 8x2x1mt and 7.5x2.20x1.60mt in light of the researches accomplished by the main commercial company Macit Boru Ltd Şti.

The galvanizing process is commenced by purification of grease and surface cleaning of the pipes and continues by water rising. Followed by flux coating and drying before the hot dip galvanizing procedure. In order to obtain a clean surface the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes are skinned by steam. The final step is the quality inspection, threading and cap process followed by packaging for delivery.

Baz Galvaniz Ltd Şti is applying the production and quality standards according to TS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and TS-EN ISO 1461 certified by TÜV Rheinland and TSE. The current annual production is 20.000tons with continuous investments. Our aim is to take a leading role in the market with the help of our well trained and experienced employees and also by increasing the range of products.

Yıllık Üretim Kapasitesi: 20.000 ton

Boru ve Profil Boyu      : 6 mt.

Dış Çap                         : 21,3 mm. - 168,3 mm.

Et Kalınlığı                    : 2 mm. - 20 mm.

Tolerans                       : +/- %10